akaishinda replied to your post “just when did you turn into such a pretentious, hypocritical, puffed up bitch that wants to slap people and correct every single human being? Why don’t you care about your own business? By wanting to ‘slap’ people and tell them how “shitty” they are, you just taped “I have problems I cannot face and cannot solve” onto your own forehead… jeez… I’ve been following you for 2 years by now, but you’re changing into someone you initially never wanted to be…”

wow, that’s some deep this over there, but seriously. Not kidding. I read it three times by now and… Dei, seriously, someone out there actually took effort and time into writing that, that’s not “anon hate”… or, not the simple type that I get.

True that

This anon has some deep rooted stuff to say

I kinda want to know all the things I did to lead up to this

The Mysteries of Anon’s Disappointment



akaishinda answered your question “I WANNA CELEBRATE MY ANON HATE BUT IDK WHAT I SHOULD DO!?”

I don’t think that was anon hate… :S sounded like disappointment, rather. But: they seemed to think about writing that, look at the style?

Eh when someone calls you a “pretentious, hypocritical, puffed up bitch” I’m pretty sure they’re insulting me— or trying too at the very least

First they insult me and then came in like the mixture of disappointment and the uppity “well I don’t like what you’re doing” and then they tried going the “well you’re not like who you used to be and I don’t like it”

It’s hate but the I’m-not-used-to-this-so-I-hate-it-and-you’re-a-bitch-for-it type of hate instead of the go-fuck/kill-yourself hate you see a lot on tumblr O3o~

but why would they call/ see you as a pretentious bitch? You get upset over things, you say what’s on your mind but… I dunno, calling someone hypocritical twice (pretentious and hypocritical are almost identical amiri) is kinda disturbing. 

What I’m trying to say is that this is a more disturbing message than a “kill yourself” cuz this is talking from point A to point B. 

But what is the thing they refer to as change? As far as I remember you were always asexual, Hetalia-fan, fanfiction-lover and a passionate person. ???